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The Book of Indomitable Virtues

The Book of Indomitable Virtues is a positive collection of the author's thoughts written at different times during a process of discovery and development. These thoughts are compounded into the form of 38 virtues. Along with eight additional philosophical opinions on different subjects. Within each setting, there are symbolic drawings that the author has personally designed or drawn to go with the matching themes. This book was developed to help people from all walks of life overcome any obstacles or challenges that they may face in life. It is the author's hope that you, the reader, find this work enlightening and enjoyable. Available on Amazon.


Clay has become quite the artist. Some of his prints and paintings are on display at Blue Lotus Art Galley in Surrey. You can also inquire about ordering prints through the Instagram account.


Dragon Fish: November  2019

The Asian arowana is a magnificent fish. They are a fierce apex predator that get up to 3 feet in length and date back to prehistoric times. It should also be known that the Asian arowana is the worlds most expensive aquarium fish. The arowanas features look like that of a Chinese dragon in full flight. They also have whiskers from their chin like that of a dragon, with metallic, reflective and colorful coin like scales. Because of this the red and gold colored Asian arowana is also known as the dragon fish, sometimes simply referred to as the "living dragon" or "golden dragon".

More recently the arowana is associated with great wealth, which has caused some people to refer to it as the money fish. In Asian culture the arowanas are believed to improve health, invite prosperity and luck while neutralizing negative influences. For feng shui purposes it is believed that Arowana statues, pictures, and fish tanks should be placed in the south-east area of your home or business. This arowana was created to have both red and gold tones along with a metallic shine coming off the sunlight shining down into the water, this is meant to reflect abundant wealth and majestic power. 888




Thank you Mr. Clay Roueche, for the Indomitable Virtues. It is a book worth praise from the world of recovery, every addict in recovery should have access to this valuable tool to add, to their daily lives.

Program Director Albert Bable C.A.P.
New Hope Safe House
3232 Linwood Ave
Naples Florida

Everybody should learn to have a strong moral code and an indomitable spirit like Mr. Roueche. Very good read. Stimulating. Real talk! I am a Case Manager for a Veterans Behavioral Company. As a Pathfinder I help veterans who are down on their luck build themselves back up to where they need to be. I have recommended this book to my clients to help them get the right mind set to move forward.

SGT Mark Hendry
U.S Air Force Ret

There's a wealth of experience contained in the pages of Clay Roueche's "Book of Indomitable Virtues." I can relate, "the fight is never over until you quit fighting."I recommend this book to anyone that wants to think like a winner. I served as a Blackhat in Vietnam from 1961-1970. Our motto was "first in and last out".

SSG Clarence M Smith
U.S RA23024859 Ret