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Crane Immortal Painting

Crane Immortal

Acrylic on Canvas, June 2017

Asian Crane — Original Artwork by Clay Roueche

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Asian Bird Crane Art PrintIn this oriental art print, Red Crowned Crane is depicted in a noble stance, standing in a marsh as the golden sun further enhances the scene. Throughout history the crane has been captured in Asian art and revered in legend, myth, and symbolism. All across the orient, the Red Crowned Crane is considered a noble creature and in this colorful painting, Roueche’s artwork perfectly captures the crane as a beautiful and auspicious bird to adorn your wall.

From Chinese culture, the legendary crane is recognized as a symbol of longevity, often referred to as “The Crane of Immortals”.

Crane myths in Japanese culture talk of the crane offering favors for sacrifice and state that the crane has a voice of authority, meaning a crane’s decision is never questioned.

In Korea, the crane is viewed as a symbol of Purity and Peace.

The Chinese people consider the crane a creature of great importance, known for its auspiciousness and soaring spirit.

In Japan, the crane is associated with Love and Loyalty because cranes mate for life.

Universally, the crane, as in this piece of artwork, represents Hope, Good Luck, Long Life, Happiness and Fidelity.

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