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Infinity — Dragon & Phoenix Art Print

Infinity — Dragon & Phoenix

Canvas Art Print — June 8, 2020

The Perfect Wedding Gift!

Many people choose to have harmony and balance in their lives. In Chinese culture the dragon and phoenix are two of the most powerful symbols of success and prosperity. When the Dragon and phoenix come together the dragon is believed to represent man, while the phoenix is believed to represent woman. Their bond is eternal, infinity is recognized in the form of the number 8.

Wedding Gift Dragon and Phoenix Infinity Prosperity Art Print

The Golden Dragon is often viewed in an illumination with a revelation revealed. He is also a symbol of principles, prosperity, and wealth. The Silver Phoenix is believed to have powerful healing abilities and possess a strong fighting spirit of female origin. The phoenix is a symbols of strength and renewal. Additionally, the phoenix reigns supreme over all birds and is gifted with immense power and the ability to turn bad luck into good. Because of this she is also called the Guardian of the South.

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In Feng Shui, the dragon and the phoenix are considered the ultimate symbol of love and marital bliss. In this depiction, the Golden Dragon represents yang and the Silver Phoenix represents yin — together they activate good energy in one’s home, promoting togetherness and harmony.

In this design, the red horizon is filled with golden stars, further illuminating this Golden Dragon that has completed the astonishing task of capturing the Pearl of Wisdom. Having completed this glorious mission, this dragon is on another journey to unite with his perfect match, this Platinum Phoenix. The Golden Dragon reaches toward the infinity 8 with one of his free claws to join with the Silver Phoenix. In the same moment, the Platinum Phoenix on the other side, reaches with her claw to complete the process. As their claws make contact with each infinity 8, their yin and yang energy causes these infinity 8’s to form the perfect balance of platinum and gold. The infinity 8 seen in a sequence of three is considered the most lucky of all numbers, which perfectly defines this majestic story.

For placement of this design, there are many options. Some include the northwest corner to enhance patriarch luck; the southwest corner to deepen matriarch luck; the eastern corner for good health, great achievements, power, and good family status; and the southern corner for power and fame. It is important to keep a light focused on this image when in the southern corner.

Purchase the Infinity Dragon & Phoenix Canvas Print Today!

In conclusion, this majestic symbol is a great addition to any household and a complement to one’s livelihood. The idea of this display is to be like a phoenix and never let anything hold you back from achieving your goals and ambitions; keep rising until your dreams come true. Like the dragon, have a life full of purpose. Have something to show for all your heartfelt efforts, and loved ones to share it with. The end result can be a life full of harmony and happiness just like this image depicts. 888

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