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About the Author

Clay Roueche
Clay Roueche is from Vancouver B.C. An Artist, a Philosopher, a poet, and now an author. Often called worldly and charismatic, Clay’s knowledge and wisdom has come from his many life experiences. He inherited his military mindset. One of his great grandfathers was a US Navy middleweight boxing champion and his grandfather was a master mason who received the Medal of Honor while serving in the Canadian Air Force during World War II.

Clay also has a passion for Martial Arts and is a very disciplined individual. Furthermore he has a way with words. While attending some sales training fresh out of high school, it became very clear that he had natural communication skills.

Clay has always had a love of history. Growing up in a community full of immigrants allowed him to experience many different customs first hand. Later, he traveled all over the world to places like Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Asia. During his worldly travels, he acquired knowledge from many different types of people. Many of whom became his life-long friends. Having a natural gift, he was openly accepted as an equal into many different cultures. Clay truly has lived and experienced things most people couldn’t even fathom. He lived his dream.

This all came at a price. On May 17 2008, he was arrested while travelling on vacation to Mexico. There was a joint Operation between the US, Canada, and Mexico which resulted in his arrest. He was not given any extradition hearing and arrived in the US by means of extraordinary rendition.

Once in US Federal custody, he dealt with the hostile tactics of the Federal government. Many would argue that tactics used on him were unconstitutional. His phone privileges were taken away and his mail was delayed months at a time.