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The Book of Indomitable Virtues

Clay Roueche Book of Indomitable VirtuesThe Book of Indomitable Virtues is a positive collection of Roueche’s thoughts written at different times during a process of discovery and development. These thoughts are compounded into the form of 38 virtues, along with eight additional philosophical opinions on different subjects. Within each setting, there are symbolic drawings that the author has personally designed or drawn to go with the matching themes.


This book was designed to take each virtue mentioned and show them in a positive light. Some expressions may appear more personalized than others. Please read each virtue like you have not read the others before them. With many virtues being interrelated some of the methods used to emphasize them may seem repetitive. This is not a “Must All Be All” approach, but rather one man’s view of the topics described.

There is no limit to the different applications of these principles and just like everything in life they can always be refined and improved. These words of inspiration may provide a solid foundation for the reader to work from. Each virtue is described in a themed setting showing a wide range of cultural applications and the author’s mindset.

With each circumstance the course of action can change. All the while the author is trying to inspire a desire, dedication, and determination within the reader so that his interpretations can provide a positive outlook towards any obstacles life passes by.

Creating this type of attitude will allow the reader to experience first hand that those words are within each virtue. The end result is up to the readers. The author’s ultimate goal is for the readers to gain a clear understanding of the power of a positive mind.

Within each setting there is some symbolic artistry, which is simply a form of expression within the theme. This provides a wider range of interpretations rather than a one dimensional approach. All the drawings are either designed by or actually drawn by the author himself. If one single reader gains a better perspective of the world then this book has been a success. For some this may be a modern day soldier’s bible. It is with our humble hopes that the readers enjoy these works.

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This book was developed to help people from all walks of life overcome any obstacles or challenges that they may face in life. It is the author’s hope that you, the reader, find this work enlightening and enjoyable.

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Thank you Mr. Clay Roueche, for the Indomitable Virtues. It is a book worth praise from the world of recovery, every addict in recovery should have access to this valuable tool to add, to their daily lives.

Program Director Albert Bable C.A.P. New Hope Safe House
3232 Linwood Ave
Naples Florida

Everybody should learn to have a strong moral code and an indomitable spirit like Mr. Roueche. Very good read. Stimulating. Real talk! I am a Case Manager for a Veterans Behavioral Company. As a Pathfinder I help veterans who are down on their luck build themselves back up to where they need to be. I have recommended this book to my clients to help them get the right mind set to move forward.

SGT Mark Hendry U.S Air Force Ret

There’s a wealth of experience contained in the pages of Clay Roueche’s “Book of Indomitable Virtues.” I can relate, “the fight is never over until you quit fighting.” I recommend this book to anyone that wants to think like a winner. I served as a Blackhat in Vietnam from 1961­1970. Our motto was “first in and last out”.

SSG Clarence M Smith U.S RA23024859 Ret
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