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Freedom Eagle Painting


Acrylic on Canvas, August 2017

Flying Eagle Art Print by Clay Roueche

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Flying Eagle Artwork FreedomIn this original art print a bald eagle is seen flying across the sky in a position of dominance. The eagle is recognized as the chief of all winged creatures because it flies the highest and is of proud independent spirit. For this reason, the eagle is viewed as ferocious totem in many cultures around the world.

Its powerful connection to the sky and earth suggest a solid foundation; the talons are the ultimate weapons grasping ahold of whatever is needed along life’s journey; its strong jaw implies knowing when to speak and how passionately; and an eagle’s eye can look into the past, present and the future.

When you’re going through hard times the eagle is the symbol of a new beginning, encouraging the brave fighting spirit that is needed to advance towards life’s most challenging moments. To align with the eagle is to maximize your abilities. The lesson of this art print is to soar into new realms of opportunity by expanding your view to capture your fullest potential.

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