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Honu Turtle Painting


Acrylic on Canvas January 2020

Prosperous Turtle Art Print by Clay Roueche

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Honu means turtle in Hawaiian. In this print the artist uses Polynesian symbolism as a vehicle to best describe the turtle and all the Positive Values it represents in many different cultures around the world.

Colorful Sea Turtle ArtworkThe turtle is known the world over to be a symbol of Longevity and Solidarity and is thought to bring Good Fortune. The turtle also represents the Element of Water which is essential to life, water is forever changing its form which highlights its ability to Adapt to any given situation.

In the Far East, the turtle shell is a symbol of Heaven while the square part of the underside is a Solid Foundation, viewed as Earth, thus the turtle unites Heaven and Earth making it a powerful symbol of Unity. The turtle shell is also associated with indestructibility which embodies an Indomitable Spirit.

In the case of this print, longevity is viewed as Strength of Mind, Body, and Spirit, which parallels Good Health. Adaptability in this depiction, means finding the path to Prosperity in any given situation by having the Courage and Discipline to Endure by never giving up Hope.

This Turtle has many symbols built into its design. The Chinese symbol for Health is located on the turtle’s head. The Polynesian shark’s teeth pattern on the turtle shell is believed to offer Guidance and give Protection. The sharp Polynesian spearhead pattern on the turtle’s legs symbolizes the Strength and Ferocity associated with a warrior’s creed. The other sharp spear images on the shell represent Power. The Buddhist eternal knot weave pattern on the shell symbolizes Eternity, which is the ultimate form of longevity. The balanced images on the shell represent Unity.. The flowing images on the shell represent the Ocean and the elements of Water. The lotus flower on the tail of the turtle represents Peace and Harmony. Lastly, the Tiki Warriors figures: the Mighty Tiki Guardian positioned in the center of the turtle shell is standing guard to Ward Off Evil. In a turtle shell, this is an image that contains many of the characteristics, virtues and protections that people from many cultures respect and admire; this Honu is intended to be captivating and empowering.

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