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From Boss Weed to Boss Artist

Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed Clay Roueche “Boss Weed” — now he’s taken his zeal for achievement and turned it to creating radiant Asian artwork.


Clay Roueche spent two long years in solitary confinement after being arrested in Texas, May of 2008, and sentenced to 30 years. From this difficult time, which some might call inhuman treatment, he wanted to take the negative experience and turn it into something positive. He found that artistic expression is a great way to do just that.

Upon completing each painting it gave me a taste of freedom and every single time I mailed a painting out of prison it was something liberating for me.

Asian Luck and Prosperity ArtworkRoueche has traveled to many parts of the world, experiencing a side of culture that most people could never imagine. Through his traveling he became greatly influenced by Asian culture and is skilled at martial arts, which he depicts through vibrant color and sanguine imagery. Each painting includes a thorough description on its symbolism and virtues that are presented through his spiritual journey—which the artwork represents for him.

Asian deities, heroic figures, samurais, colorful fish, dragons, birds and other animals which represent auspicious significance in primarily Asian beliefs such as feng shui, buddhism, and legend are vividly captured in his artwork. One of the paintings, “Crane Immortal”, universally represents hope, good luck, long life, happiness, and fidelity, as well as more specific beliefs for China, Japan, and Korea, as stated on Roueche’s website.

Another example is “Dragon Fish”, in which a brilliant arowana fish, swims through shining light and is a classic symbol of prosperity, wealth luck, and happiness.

With a little help from his supporters, Roueche has been able to sell his artwork and has made prints available for purchase online. Original works can be seen at the Blue Lotus Art Gallery in Guildford Town Centre, British Columbia. As stated by the prosecuting attorney after his trial, Roueche is an accomplished man and would have been successful had he focused on legal enterprises. The future is certainly looking bright for him in that direction.

Roueche is living proof that no matter what life’s circumstances are or what kind of trouble you might get yourself into, there truly is always something positive that can come from it.

Press Release Roueche Finds Freedom Through Artwork – Html Version
Roueche Finds Freedom Through Artwork
Press ReleaseRoueche Finds Freedom Through Artwork – Pdf Version
Roueche Finds Freedom Through Artwork

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