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Royal Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon

March 2020

Golden Dragon Art by Clay Roueche

Here’s my latest painting. This is the dragon I always wanted to have at home on my wall. I had dragons and they were nice, but not like this.

Clay Roueche Dragon Art Print

This Golden Dragon is on a quest to capture the Pearl of Wisdom. This scene reflects the obstacles people face as they forge their future. The background is a sky full of fire which represents the most difficult challenges a person may face in life. To be victorious against overwhelming odds, a person must have strength of mind, body, and spirit.

When looking at this majestic image, one can envision this Royal Golden Dragon as being the most powerful of its kind. Knowledge through experience allows us to gain confidence in our abilities which embodies this dragon. When one is dedicated and persistent, success is on the horizon. This dragon is unstoppable as it prepares to capture the Pearl of Wisdom.

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