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Infinity — Dragon & Phoenix Art Print

Infinity — Dragon & Phoenix

Canvas Art Print — June 8, 2020

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Many people choose to have harmony and balance in their lives. In Chinese culture the dragon and phoenix are two of the most powerful symbols of success and prosperity. When the Dragon and phoenix come together the dragon is believed to represent man, while the phoenix is believed to represent woman. Their bond is eternal, infinity is recognized in the form of the number 8.

Wedding Gift Dragon and Phoenix Infinity Prosperity Art Print

The Golden Dragon is often viewed in an illumination with a revelation revealed. He is also a symbol of principles, prosperity, and wealth. The Silver Phoenix is believed to have powerful healing abilities and possess a strong fighting spirit of female origin. The phoenix is a symbols of strength and renewal. Additionally, the phoenix reigns supreme over all birds and is gifted with immense power and the ability to… Continue reading

Royal Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon

March 2020

Golden Dragon Art by Clay Roueche

Here’s my latest painting. This is the dragon I always wanted to have at home on my wall. I had dragons and they were nice, but not like this.

Clay Roueche Dragon Art Print

This Golden Dragon is on a quest to capture the Pearl of Wisdom. This scene reflects the obstacles people face as they forge their future. The background is a sky full of fire which represents the most difficult challenges a person may face in life. To be victorious against overwhelming odds, a person must have strength of mind, body, and spirit.

When looking at this majestic image, one can envision this Royal Golden Dragon as being the most powerful of its kind. Knowledge through experience allows us to gain confidence in our abilities which embodies this dragon. When one is dedicated and persistent, success is on the horizon. This dragon is… Continue reading

Crane Immortal Painting

Crane Immortal

Acrylic on Canvas, June 2017

Asian Crane — Original Artwork by Clay Roueche

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Asian Bird Crane Art PrintIn this oriental art print, Red Crowned Crane is depicted in a noble stance, standing in a marsh as the golden sun further enhances the scene. Throughout history the crane has been captured in Asian art and revered in legend, myth, and symbolism. All across the orient, the Red Crowned Crane is considered a noble creature and in this colorful painting, Roueche’s artwork perfectly captures the crane as a beautiful and auspicious bird to adorn your wall.

From Chinese culture, the legendary crane is recognized as a symbol of longevity, often referred to as “The Crane of Immortals”.

Crane myths in Japanese culture talk of the crane offering favors for sacrifice and state that the crane has a voice of authority, meaning a crane’s decision is never questioned.

In Korea, the crane is… Continue reading

Dragon Fish Painting

Dragon Fish

Acrylic on Canvas, November 2019

Original Asian Art Print – Arowana Fish by Clay Roueche

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As this beautiful art print shows, the Asian arowana is a magnificent fish. They are fierce apex predators that get up to 3 feet in length and date back to prehistoric times.

Arowana Chinese Dragon Fish ArtworkIt should also be known that the Asian arowana is the world’s most expensive aquarium fish because of their association with wealth prosperity and luck protection. The arowana’s features look like that of a Chinese dragon in full light and are considered highly auspicious in Chinese culture.

They also have whiskers from their chin like that of a dragon, with metallic, reflective and colorful, coin-like scales. Because of this, the red and gold colored Asian arowana is also known as the dragon fish, and sometimes simply referred to as the “living dragon” or “golden dragon”.… Continue reading

Hatsumi Shinobi Painting


Acrylic on Canvas, December 2018

Japanese Martial Arts Print by Clay Roueche

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Pictured in this esteemed art print is Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, the 34th soke (grandmaster) of Togakure ryu ninjutsu. He is posed in one of the 9 spiritual hand seals of the kuji kuri tradition, which are also used in esoteric religious practices in Japan.

Dr Masaaki Hatsumi PortraitThe Japanese kanji characters in the top right corner of this print represent the term shinobi, known as the shadow warriors of ancient Japan, making this art print a powerful martial arts portrait for your home or office.

Dr. Hatsumi’s teacher was Toshitsugu Takamatsu (1887-1972) the 33rd soke of Togakure ryu. Soke Takamatsu was a master of skills from 9 different schools of martial arts. He specialized in taijutsu which is ninjutsu’s form of hand to hand combat. He traveled to China where he proved his skills, becoming bodyguard to China’s… Continue reading

Freedom Eagle Painting


Acrylic on Canvas, August 2017

Flying Eagle Art Print by Clay Roueche

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Flying Eagle Artwork FreedomIn this original art print a bald eagle is seen flying across the sky in a position of dominance. The eagle is recognized as the chief of all winged creatures because it flies the highest and is of proud independent spirit. For this reason, the eagle is viewed as ferocious totem in many cultures around the world.

Its powerful connection to the sky and earth suggest a solid foundation; the talons are the ultimate weapons grasping ahold of whatever is needed along life’s journey; its strong jaw implies knowing when to speak and how passionately; and an eagle’s eye can look into the past, present and the future.

When you’re going through hard times the eagle is the symbol of a new beginning, encouraging the brave fighting spirit that is needed to advance towards life’s… Continue reading

Honu Turtle Painting


Acrylic on Canvas January 2020

Prosperous Turtle Art Print by Clay Roueche

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Honu means turtle in Hawaiian. In this print the artist uses Polynesian symbolism as a vehicle to best describe the turtle and all the Positive Values it represents in many different cultures around the world.

Colorful Sea Turtle ArtworkThe turtle is known the world over to be a symbol of Longevity and Solidarity and is thought to bring Good Fortune. The turtle also represents the Element of Water which is essential to life, water is forever changing its form which highlights its ability to Adapt to any given situation.

In the Far East, the turtle shell is a symbol of Heaven while the square part of the underside is a Solid Foundation, viewed as Earth, thus the turtle unites Heaven and Earth making it a powerful symbol of Unity. The turtle shell is also… Continue reading

Buddhist Royal Guardians

Buddhist Royal Guardians

Acrylic on Canvas — February 2018

Nio Protectors Original Art Prints by Clay Roueche

Agyo and Ungyo — the two kings that guard the entrances of Buddhist temples.

Set of Asian art prints of the powerful guardians who are the fierce protectors of the Buddhist tradition. They can be seen in many temples throughout Asia. They are thunderbolt holders posed in positions of superiority—one raising his fist high while his mouth is open exhaling extreme vengeance to scare away demons and the other with his mouth closed to shelter good spirits while his hand is held low, harnessing a massive buildup of energy.

Buddhist Royal Guardian Asian Art PrintRoyal Guardian Buddhist Artwork

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These original vivid prints are the perfect balance in Asian culture. One is termed the Alpha representing the beginning of the universe while the other is the Omega representing the end of the universe.

The Alpha, with his mouth open is aggressive… Continue reading