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Crane Immortal Painting

Crane Immortal

Acrylic on Canvas, June 2017

Asian Crane — Original Artwork by Clay Roueche

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Asian Bird Crane Art PrintIn this oriental art print, Red Crowned Crane is depicted in a noble stance, standing in a marsh as the golden sun further enhances the scene. Throughout history the crane has been captured in Asian art and revered in legend, myth, and symbolism. All across the orient, the Red Crowned Crane is considered a noble creature and in this colorful painting, Roueche’s artwork perfectly captures the crane as a beautiful and auspicious bird to adorn your wall.

From Chinese culture, the legendary crane is recognized as a symbol of longevity, often referred to as “The Crane of Immortals”.

Crane myths in Japanese culture talk of the crane offering favors for sacrifice and state that the crane has a voice of authority, meaning a crane’s decision is never questioned.

In Korea, the crane is… Continue reading

Dragon Fish Painting

Dragon Fish

Acrylic on Canvas, November 2019

Original Asian Art Print – Arowana Fish by Clay Roueche

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As this beautiful art print shows, the Asian arowana is a magnificent fish. They are fierce apex predators that get up to 3 feet in length and date back to prehistoric times.

Arowana Chinese Dragon Fish ArtworkIt should also be known that the Asian arowana is the world’s most expensive aquarium fish because of their association with wealth prosperity and luck protection. The arowana’s features look like that of a Chinese dragon in full light and are considered highly auspicious in Chinese culture.

They also have whiskers from their chin like that of a dragon, with metallic, reflective and colorful, coin-like scales. Because of this, the red and gold colored Asian arowana is also known as the dragon fish, and sometimes simply referred to as the “living dragon” or “golden dragon”.… Continue reading