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Honu Turtle Painting


Acrylic on Canvas January 2020

Prosperous Turtle Art Print by Clay Roueche

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Honu means turtle in Hawaiian. In this print the artist uses Polynesian symbolism as a vehicle to best describe the turtle and all the Positive Values it represents in many different cultures around the world.

Colorful Sea Turtle ArtworkThe turtle is known the world over to be a symbol of Longevity and Solidarity and is thought to bring Good Fortune. The turtle also represents the Element of Water which is essential to life, water is forever changing its form which highlights its ability to Adapt to any given situation.

In the Far East, the turtle shell is a symbol of Heaven while the square part of the underside is a Solid Foundation, viewed as Earth, thus the turtle unites Heaven and Earth making it a powerful symbol of Unity. The turtle shell is also… Continue reading